Neighbourhood Workshop . October 2004
Two day workshop at the inaugural Pictoplasma Character Design Conference in Berlin. Inspired by a sneak preview of the Neighbourhood project, participants remixed blank stuffed shapes into a sequence of toys. Later featured in the Neighbourhood book.

Thanks to Pictoplasma, Love Ablan (workshop photography), Emily Black and Christine Wolfe. Toy photography by Erik Williamson.
Original blank shapes for workshop remixing
DEU-Q by Mumbleboy
Henk with his little friend by Mieke Driessen
Swiss/Rira by Kim Peeters and Anders Arhoej
Ms. Prissy Pants by Christine Wolfe
Smulan/Mufela by Cecilie Ellefsen and Stephanie Wenzel
Hank/Otto by Ivana Barun and Kate Sutton
Bobaz by David Magni