Neighbourhood Book . November 2006
Rinzen presents Neighbourhood, a 208 page book in which 20 blank hand-made toys are passed around the world being reworked and remade each step of the way. Features a special felt cover with embroidered badges.
Available at design book stores or direct from the publisher, Victionary for US$46 Asia Pacific, US$49 rest of world.
Original blank toy (initial toys were made by Rinzen in a number of different designs)
SpƤtzle by Rilla Alexander, Rinzen (first remix in sequence)
Erber by Friends with you (second remix in sequence)
Dougal by Jason Groves, Shynola (final remix in sequence)
Original blank toy by Rinzen
Melville by Adrian Clifford, Rinzen (first remix in sequence)
Merry Melville by Julian Gatto, Gaga Inc (second remix in sequence)
Mel by Colorblok (final remix in sequence)
Sir Hoppy van Hubbins by Amy Sperber and Matt Owens
Vit by Nathan Jurevicius, Scary Girl
Humphrey by Craig Redman, Rinzen
Francis la rock by 123Klan
Pon & Py by Mizna Wada
Lazarus by Katrina Dobbs
Red Octopus by Doma
The Dryad by Rilla Alexander, Rinzen (with embroidery by Natalie Wood and Alison Black)
Little Miss Mutant by Stephanie Wenzel, Swigg
Toys created at a 2 day workshop at the 1st Pictoplasma conference
Some of the participants in the Berlin workshop