24 November 2011
Why time goes by faster the older you get
One of the theories, according to go-to Neuroscientist David Eagleman, is that our young years are full of first time events and our brains make more detailed and lasting memories of them.

But you know what? I have recently painted a huge bottle and decorated a giant snowman (currently on display at the Toronto International Airport) – both of which I have never done before, nor will probably do again – and time is still speeding past, out of control.

Right now we're rocketing towards the end of the year. In preparation I have updated the Sozi shop with lots of toys and prints, and I'm packing for Paris (where I'll be speaking at Pictoplasma at La Gaîté Lyrique on December 10).

Goodbye 2011. I didn't even notice you'd arrived and you're leaving already.

- Rilla
6 October 2011
Painting the cat
Tomorrow night is the opening of Florentijn Hofman's show at Neurotitan in Berlin. As part of the show I was invited – by curators Mashville – to make a piece inspired by one of his huge stuffed animals.

I drew a dog dreaming of dinner.

Today I got together with some of the other participants in the show and we painted in the alleyway leading to the gallery.

I drew the dog's dream dinner.

A cat. A sausage. And a chicken.

Oh, how they ran!

- Rilla
29 June 2011
Painting the world (Red).
Here is a sneak peak of my piece for "Life" - an exhibition of screenprinted posters opening at East Gallery, 214 Brick Lane, London on Friday. The show has been lovingly screenprinted by Print Club London, and curated by Heaps Good.

Profits go to (Red) - and the all-Australian cast also includes contributors such as Jeremyville, Jonathan Zawada and We Buy Your Kids.

You can find out all about it here.

- Rilla
26 May 2011
Everything counts in large amounts
Having somehow dodged the rapture, we figured it timely to give an accounting of some recent activity before the next prophesied apocalypse takes us all…

Gather 'round and sit quietly as Rilla presents her all-ages picture book Her Idea at BOLD Berlin. A lifesize Sozi sculpture, a paper idea-beast, a hoard of entranced children…see the video here, and more photos from the show here.

If you want a copy of the lovely book you'll need to jump to it – the last few copies are available from online from Sozi's shop or Amazon, and is still spotted in the wild at a few tasteful establishments such as the Tate and the Design Museum.

Elsewhere, Rinzen will link arms with an unnaturally talented swarm of fellow Australian artists to support (RED) as part of the Life exhibition at London's East Gallery from the first of July.

Meanwhile, Steve eschews the sensibly visual for the sensationally audible in a set of tracks recently uploaded to his soundcloud site. I don't know if 'How Fucking Depressing' is a working title, but it certainly captures the zeitgeist. More please, Steve.

Finally, Craig and Karl have launched their own studio, the eponymous Craig & Karl. Their shiny, beautiful new website is now live - help them with the site-warming celebration here.

- Adrian
10 March 2011
Come help towel off our beautiful but struggling state - the swell folk at The Hungry Workshop have organised, curated & printed a veritable bonanza of letterpressed loveliness, all to aid the victims of Queensland's recent near-Biblical flooding.

Kerbside, on Constance Street, Fortitude Valley, hosts the 'Queenslake' exhibition on Thursday March 3rd, 6pm-9pm. All profits from the sale of artworks will be donated to The Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. If you can't make it, any remaining prints will be sold online; look for more details here.

We're pleased to have been asked to participate alongside other local notables Kevin Finn, Karl Kwasny, Inkahoots, The Letter D., Rudi de Wet, Josephmark, Bright Yellow, Spew Corp, Thom Stuart, Listen to the Graphics, Sue Loveday, Kasia Pawlikowski, Emlyn Allen, and The Hungry Workshop themselves.

- Adrian

5 March 2011
Sozi comes home
Her Idea is now available at a growing list of design and art bookstores.

If you are in London visit The Design Museum to peruse a copy. In Berlin Boesner, Big Brobot and Do you read me? are amongst the stockists. Atom Plastic is Sozi's home in Milan and in Sydney, Published Art.

It's also available on Amazon.de, and Amazon.fr and (any day now I promise) Amazon.com.

But of course, if you'd like free shipping and some extra goodies you can also order direct from Sozi's shop and I will lovingly wrap and pack it for you.

While you are there grab an idea (wooden toys based on a classic Czech design) or perhaps invite your very own Sozi home – in either a woolen or resin version.

- Rilla